Wearth London, A planet friendly department store

I wanted to share with you an online department store I came across recently which is at the forefront of conscious consuming. Wearth London is a new online eco-conscious store allowing consumers to shop by any of the following values; Bio-degradable, Hand Crafted, Made in the UK, Natural ingredients, Plastic Free, Recyclable Packaging, Recycled Materials, Social Contribution, Sustainable Materials and Vegan Friendly.

If like me you try to shop as consciously as possible having a filter that allows me to search for Vegan products that are plastic free and comes in recyclable packaging is a massive help and definitely will reduce the time I spend searching for products that fit into my ethics.

The product selection on their website is vast and ranges from Soy Candles to Home Furniture and their Jewellery offering are all eco-friendly and ethical and some are handmade in the UK. I’m in love with these two pieces below;

The hammered sterling silver star ring which is made from recycled sterling silver and hand crafted in the UK, the cost of this ring is very reasonable at £25. The Karma ring is also made in the UK and is made from recycled and sustainable materials and also comes in recyclable packaging, the cost for this ring is also reasonable at £30.

All products sold on Wearth London are cruelty free and it’s a great place to shop if you are looking for a guilt free gift for friends or family or just want to treat yourself, Check out their online store here.


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