The Eighties Influence on Fashion Trends Today

The 1980s decade is best known for invention and innovation; from the emergence of the Mobile phone and personal computer to the unforgettable fashion trends we still see Today; coupled together this decade arguably has left its mark on modern culture like none other.

While the seventies saw shoppers shamelessly conform to tasteless trends such as bell bottom jeans and platform boots in a desperate attempt bid for originality. The experimental and escapist fashion of the seventies merely created a generation of sad style sheep whose Polaroid picture memories confirm its label as the decade that style forgot.

The 1980s decade of fashion however was less about conforming to particular trends like previous decades, but more about being innovative and rebellious. More people than ever had greater access to cable TV which gave them exposure to the outside world. Because of this, movies, TV-shows and musicians combined, have proved to be the biggest fashion influences for this decade.

TV shows such as ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’ introduced power dressing; shoulder pads and tailored suits, large embellishments, jewellery and big hair all added to the look. As well as Movies such as ‘Pretty in pink’ and ‘the breakfast club’ helped paved the way for DIY custom outfits and garments bought from second hand stores which were to become popular.

Musicians though, were the biggest fashion influences in the 80s; whilst Boy George influenced a new romantic movement with bold makeup, frilly shirts and eccentric hair styles complete with bowler hats. Madonna and Michael Jackson influenced the intimate apparel trend, head bands and crucifix jewellery, short boxy jackets and leather trousers which have all made their way back onto our high street again of late.

Recently, powers of the 1980s have been seen on High-end fashion week catwalks as well as musicians wardrobes on music videos and award shows; with Rita Ora rocking the punk rock/grunge look on the TV show ‘The voice’ and Taylor Swifts new music video titled ‘Style’ has a an 80s summer track vibe.

On Today’s high street there are many ways in which you can incorporate an 80s vibe into your current style whether you want to keep it girly with botanical blooms and polka dots, or go all out grunge! From brightly coloured beauty essentials to chocker style necklaces, I have put together one look that will help you to incorporate the much loved 80s into any wardrobe.


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