Simply Pure from Superdrug

A few months ago I came across three products from Superdrug from their simply pure range that I now use as part of my daily skin care routine. I swear by these products because since using them the slight bumpy skin that I had on my cheeks has cleared completely and my skin feels soft and hydrated.


The facial scrub and cleanser I use before bed and I don’t need to put a moisturiser on after because the cleanser is super thick and moisturising. The light moisturiser I use in the morning before applying my makeup which serves also as a primer which helps my makeup last all day long.


Superdrugs pure and simple range have had some pretty good reviews from people who have simply fallen in love with their products because of their good quality and very reasonable price tag. They are also completely guilt free with most of them being Vegan and all of them are not tested on animals…Hallelujah!!!


Now when I shop in Superdrug I only ever buy their own range because they;re mostly vegan and all cruelty free. When entering the store if you ask, they will provide you with a list of all of their cruelty free products so it is easier for you to shop.


Superdrug simply gets a thumbs up from me x


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