Sassy Spud

When I visited the VegfestUK event a few weeks ago in London I came across a clothing brand called Sassy Spud.

Sassy Spud are a cruelty free street-wear brand that help spread awareness on veganism through light hearted slogans on T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Accessories. Some of their witty slogans include; Eat jam not Ham, Eat melons not Meat and Spread hummus not Hate. Some of the clothing items also have quirky hand drawn illustrations that are designed to empower the wearer, and enables them to express their vegan views whilst making people smile at the same time.

While at the event I loved the Eat Melons Not Meat Tee so much that I had to purchase one, and here is mine below. You can find more items on the Sassy Spud website here.


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