Remember Hedgehogs This November

In Britain, Hedgehog populations have plummeted by a quarter in the last decade. Our once common garden friend is in serious trouble, but there is a way that you can help this November.

Hedgehogs like to make homes from piles of leaves and wood left in gardens which is why it is very important to check your bonfires thoroughly before lighting them as you will often find hedgehogs nesting deep inside. You can do this by lifting up the base and listen for any noises, or even better move the bonfire completely before lighting. If you light the fire from one side only, this will allow Hedgehogs to escape if you have accidently missed them.

Other animals such as frogs and lizards may also be hiding amongst the pile of wood. If possible the entire pile should be re-sited before being lit, if not possible, use broom handles to lift the base of the pile and shine torches whilst looking and listening for any signs of life.

If you are interested in doing more for your garden friends these website may give you some ideas for ways you can help.

Please help save a life this autumn just by checking your bonfires before lighting them.


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