Redwings Horse Sanctuary

I visited Redwings Horse Sanctuary this weekend. Redwings are the largest horse sanctuary in the UK who cares for more horses than anyone else. They rescue approximately 200 neglected and abandoned horses every year and look after 1,500 horses every day at the sanctuary.

2018 marks ten years since one of the sanctuaries most memorable rescues. Over 100 horses and donkeys were discovered living in horrific conditions at Spindle Farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. They were all fighting to survive; they had no food, no care and were riddled with disease. Redwings offered homes to 66 survivors and 10 years on 58 continue to live happy and healthy at the sanctuary.

Redwings focus on rescuing, rehabilitation, care and re-homing each animal where possible. They also work with schools, colleges and horse owners from all backgrounds to try to ensure horses, donkeys and ponies are given the love and care they deserve.

The sanctuary are opening their sixth centre at Redwings Oxhill which means that they can give their residents the chance to find happy new homes outside the sanctuary whilst also freeing up space to help more horses in need of rescue.

By visiting Redwings, making a donation or sponsoring a resident you help the sanctuary to continue to care for the Amersham survivors and others that they have rescued since. You can also make a donation online here. I would definitely recommend a visit though and take the kids for a day out, they have a cute café where you can have lunch and a gift shop on site.



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