Pure Delight

Whilst visiting Paris earlier this year celebrating my 30th Birthday it seemed like vegan friendly restaurants were few and far between until we came across a Pure Delight.

We probably would have walked straight past the café if we didn’t know it was there but luckily we were searching for the nearest vegan restaurant on the Happy Cow app. The Pure Delight café offered 100% natural, healthy, vegan and gluten free food in salad pots, fruit and gourmet style meals. The concept inside was quite niche as after scouring the shelves for our chosen lunch (which was predominantly in glass jars (very eco!)) the lady behind the counter heated it up for us and I’m assuming the jar was then reused. We had chosen two different meals to try; one was a bean chilli and the other a vegetable turmeric curry which was amazing and extremely satisfying as we were seeking shelter from the miserable wet weather that had followed us from the UK. The café décor inside was nice and rustic chic as you would expect from a vegan café – not too fancy and OTT and the staff were friendly.

Since being back in the UK I searched for the café on Google to see if there were any stores locally and found that they offer much more. Pure Delight offer juice cleanse packages and healthy eat clean plans for people who want to lose weight or just want to be more healthy. The prices seem reasonable with their trial box starting from EUR 57.00. I think meal plans like this are quite good for people who don’t know where to start with healthy eating and need structure to stay focussed – check out the plans they offer here.

If the meal or juice plans aren’t for you the café in Paris is definitely worth a visit if you’re in search of a cruelty free lunch.

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