Maggie Anne

I’ve been looking for a Vegan and Cruelty free nail polish for a while and finally came across a brand that is just that and more when I attended the VegfestUK show at the weekend.

Maggie Anne is a nail polish brand that have developed ‘6 toxin free gel effect nail polishes that are ultra glossy, high shine, with a sensational gel like finish. NO UV lamp or soaking in toxic smelly acetone needed’.

‘All Maggie Anne gel effect polishes are not only made without the 3 common chemicals found in nail polishes ( Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde), but also without 3 other very dangerous chemicals (Formaldehyde Resin ,Camphor and THTP)’.

Maggie Anne do not test on animals and are vegan friendly, PETA cruelty-free and beauty without Bunnies licence approved.
I tested one of the colours out (I purchased two!) as soon as I got home, the name of the polish is AVA and it’s an orangey/red colour. I painted the nails on my right hand first because I always find that one the most difficult because I’m right handed. The polish glided on so effortlessly and I had no issues at all with the usual brush streaks that you can get from some polishes. I actually didn’t need a second coat but I added one on anyway and so far so good; 4 days in and no chips and I’ve had three compliments about the colour 🙂

Maggie Anne Nail Polish is also suitable for pregnant ladies as it contains no nasty chemicals and is also safe for anyone with known allergies or patients undergoing any treatments for cancer etc.

I am so happy that I discovered this brand and I can’t wait to try more colours.


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