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It’s been in the media a lot recently about people wanting to back Britain by bringing clothing manufacturing back to the UK. I’m a strong supporter of this which has inspired this latest blog post. The words associated with British Manufacturing is good quality, Heritage, Credibility and Ethically made and therefore people are more willing to spend a bit more money on British manufactured products because of those associations.

Mary Porta’s helped to bring manufacturing back to Britain by re-opening an old knicker factory, which is still churning out 1000s of pairs of pants a week. Although slightly on the expensive side (£10-£15), it shows that people are willing to spend that little bit extra to support the country and they also have the belief that they are buying into a great product.

Over the last few years, we have seen that British manufacturing is slowly making a comeback with small production factories popping up all over the place, although we’ve got a long way to go yet, it’s a start!

Below I have cherry picked some amazing brands (each very different from the other) that are all manufacturing some if not all of their products in Britain.

Collective Noun is a Menswear brand in the UK, Prices range from £25 for accessories to £180 for jackets. Their products are masculine and give off a rugged but style led look that is aimed to ‘stand the test of time’. All of their fabrics are sourced from UK mills and are manufactured within the UK.

Blonde and Ginger

I came across this brand while reading Drapers mag which unveiled its launch for S13. Blonde and Ginger is a womenswear fashion brand that provides high quality clothing with a ‘contemporary cool identity’. This brand will only ever make up to 150 pieces per design, which makes it unique. Fabrics are sourced from UK and European mills and garments are manufactured within the UK. The Look book is fantastic; it’s definitely the look that I would go for; classic, simple styling.

Stalf –

I’ve been following this brand since their 1st collection debut. Based in Lincolnshire, the garments are classic and seep quality – They have been designed to be worn together in numerous variations I love that each piece is just as versatile as the next, a perfect take on wardrobe staples. All yarns and fabrics are organic and have been sourced locally.

Private White

Is a menswear brand, each garment is manufactured in Manchester with all materials being sourced locally where possible. This creative brand produces high quality, practical and stylish pieces that are both wearable and functional. This brand has been around since 1917!

If you like any of the brands above, leave a comment!

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