Gucci Goes Fur Free

This one announcement is hugely significant in the fashion industry and a milestone for fur free campaigners who have longed for a day that a high power fashion house would make such a decision.

We have seen a slow shift in the industry over the past few years seeing more and more brands choosing to be more ethical and sustainable but sustainable fashion was only ever associated with smaller brands. However it is amazing to now see such a large and influential fashion company choosing to be more conscious.

Marco Bizzarri recently announced Gucci’s ‘The culture of purpose plan’ which see’s the fashion house joining the fur free alliance starting with its SS18 campaign onwards. Gucci’s plan was announced at the London college of Fashion 2017’s kering talk in which Gucci promises to no longer use fox, rabbit, racoon, mink or lamb in their collections. They will not totally be animal free immediately but the announcement is the beginning of a ten year culture of purpose sustainability plan.

Marco also spoke to UNICEF’s Girls’ Empowerment Initiative, of which Gucci is a founding partner and to which they will contribute one million Euro. Gucci’s CEO and President said of the change and his work with creative director Alessandro Michele, “Together, by committing to a culture of purpose, taking responsibility and encouraging respect, inclusivity and empowerment, we want to create the necessary conditions for a progressive approach to sustainability.”

Fingers crossed other high power fashion houses will follow this announcement with the same decision and we can finally make the fur industry a thing of the past.

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