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Christmas is over and we still have a few more winter months to see through but all I can think about is summer and feeling warm again which has me reminiscing about past holidays and has inspired this latest post.

Last year we went on a three week break to Australia for our honeymoon – it was amazing and we got to visit Melbourne, Sydney and Port Douglas in that time. Before I went I came across a Vegan and Cruelty Free brand called Bali Body who makes tanning oils, creams, Fake tan, BB creams and lip balms – the list is endless. Being an Australian brand, I went with the theme and purchased three of their products; Watermelon tanning oil, Cacao Tanning Oil and their Protect and Correct cream.

The Watermelon tanning oil smells good enough to eat and the Cacao tanning oil has a slight shimmer to the product which made your skin look golden and had a hint of chocolate to it (amazing). I used the Protect and Correct cream during the day as it has an SPF15 and protected my skin from the sun but I also used it in the evenings as a foundation as it is really light and didn’t clog up my skin, it also made my skin look dewy and healthy which I loved.

The shipping took just over a week for delivery as its coming from Aus but I ordered it way in advance so had no issues. The price of the oils seemed a little pricey at the time at £17.95 for the oil but this includes free delivery to the UK and the product goes along way. It lasted the three weeks we were in Australia and I had that much product left that I took them on another holiday to Portugal later on in the year as well.

I would so recommend these products as not only do they smell divine and left my skin super soft, I believe they really helped my skin in the tanning process as I ended up with a really deep golden tan which lasted months after I came back from Australia. For all of these reasons I will be placing another order ready for summer, I truly loved them! Check out the Bali Body website here.




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