Hi, I’m Shirley, 29 – I have an extreme fondness for the colour black and a lover of Asian cuisine.

I decided to create Natural Blends because I wanted somewhere to combine my love of Make-up, Beauty, Fashion, Food and Travel with my passion for fighting against animal cruelty and raising environmental issues.

I’m passionate about living a natural, cruelty free lifestyle and try to live as consciously as possible. I am meat and Dairy free and have found that there are so many misconceptions about people who are Vegan, which is why I decided to write the blog. I want to show people that not all vegans are aggressive, pale, feminist hippies and that people who choose to be vegan still like to wear Make-up and dress in more than just long skirts and shoes made from hessian.

Amongst raising awareness of animal cruelty and the environment, I also offer HD Brows Treatments and Occasion and Bridal Makeup services in and around the Midlands, UK. All products used are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

On the blog I share Vegan recipes, Vegan and cruelty free Beauty products, Travel experiences and share purchases from sustainable Fashion Brands to prove that Fashion, Beauty and our daily lifestyles do not have to be at the expense of another animal or human.

Amongst all of this you will see examples of my daily work of perfecting eyebrows and beautifying brides on their wedding day.

The Hot Topics section creates awareness for issues and causes concerning animals and our planet and ways you can help.

And lastly, welcome to Natural Blends x